Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Summer Day

A rose from my birthday with another one, birthday that is, sneaking up.
Peacock that danced for me.
A still life from The Swan Coach House show this past winter.
I am in my studio painting every day for an upcoming show in New Orleans at the Uptown Gallery. The show opens on October 20. If you are so inclined come to the opening. The work is progressing, building changing. Abstract work on wood panels. Mixed media. Today my friend Deedra Ludwig came to town on her way cross country back to Seattle for her show at Fetherston Gallery.
To see some of my work if you are in Atlanta go to the Sunrise Bank on the corner of North Ave. and West Peachtree St. It is a beautiful show in the office spaces that really works. Karen Comer Lowe curated the show. Hanging till October 7th.